Educational Projects

The spectrum tool allows you to explore the physics underlying absorbance and fluorescence spectra.

Change how molecules vibrate and respond to light using the sliders and see how these changes affects system. The changes in physical parameters are illustrated using an energy level diagram, and by the resulting absorption and fluorescence spectra.

This interactive demo demonstrates Franck-Condon principle using a quantum harmonic oscillator approximation.

BeePilot is an immersive simulation of bee vision designed to teach both children and adults about insect vision.

In the demonstration, one participant plays the role of a bee and attempts to visit flowers but their vision is limited to that of a bee. Onlookers are provided with the same view but rendered with human-level resolution.

The simulation incorporates an accurate model of a bee's eye and reproduces many details and peculiarities of its visual field.

The causal inference calculator allows you to represent potential and known causal relationships in a graph and test whether different experimental setups allow you to correctly infer whether one event causes another.

It contains a tutorial on probabilistic causality and on using the utility, as well as a large collection of references.

This utility implements Judea Peal's graphical model of causal inference.

The embodied cognition workshop is a workshop designed to teach principles of modern robotics and artificial intelligence. The workshop aims to introduce embodiment, where the physical makeup of an agent plays a significant role in determining it's behavior.

The workshop is fully documented so that others may reproduce it, or use our work to help design new workshops. The documentation includes schematics, part lists, a step-by-step assembly guide and description of all the activities that comprise the workshop.

Other Projects

Cubes is a dreamlike virtual space inhabited by melodic, self-organising and responsive cubes. Fly around and interact by simply looking where you want to go.

Cubes was a small artistic project aimed at creating an engaging, yet minimal, virtual reality experience.